GoFundMe Page Launched to Assist with Museum Restoration and Repair

Green Turtle Cay property owners and museum supporters Matthew and Shannon Matlack have graciously launched a GoFundMe page to help raise the estimated $100,000-$200,000 needed to repair damage to the Albert Lowe Museum as a result of Hurricane Dorian on 1 September, 2019.

Albert Lowe Museum, October 2019

Though the museum building withstood Dorian’s wrath, the storm punctured several large holes in our practically new, cedar-shingled roof, took half of the kitchen building’s roof (also new), and virtually all the picket fencing. The eastern and western porches on the main building were severely damaged.

Albert Lowe Museum Kitchen Building, October 2019

At the height of the hurricane, the second-floor western shutters blew out, breaking several windows and allowing more water into the building.

The museum’s second-floor, western bedroom sustained wind and water damage when the shutter and window were blown out by Hurricane Dorian. Here, you can see one of the holes punctured in the roof by flying debris, and the mold forming on the historic wallpaper, which had to be removed.

As a result of the water intrusion, many of the old, wooden floorboards are warped and need replacing. As does the historic wallpaper, which we had to remove in the days following Dorian to prevent the spread of mold.

Several of the building’s original, hand-made wooden windows will need to be remade. Lighting fixtures, including the beautiful downstairs chandeliers, which were filled with water, will need replacing. The electrical and plumbing systems need repair.

And the list goes on…

Thanks to Mat and Shannon for their support – and thanks in advance for contributing what you can to the GoFundMe page they’ve established.

We look forward to making the necessary repairs and getting the Albert Lowe Museum reopened once again!

Mat and Shannon Matlack